About Us

We are ISIC a Jordanian company and we are delivered the domestic and external markets with the best types of Jordanian silica

About Our Co-working Place

Our company was established with a mission, we aim at becoming Jordan’s number one supplier of high quality silica sand. We currently extract, upgrade and micronize the sand to meet the needs of different industries.
ISIC is a public share holding company, with a capital of USD (3.434) million. Our plant holds the capacity of 28.000 tons/annum of micronized and classified silica sand.
ISIC obtained a mining concession for a mining area south of kingdom selected after intensive research that proved the deposit is of high quality. The quarry supplies the current plant as well as holding the capacity to supply the future projects of ISIC.

Our mission.

Our mission is to establish ISIC as the leading regional silica sand mining and processing company, by providing a strong marketplace presence to meet the growing demand of customers in the local and international industries alike.
Silica (An Essential Ingredient in Everyday Life)
Being a basic raw material in various industries, our product finds its way into many applications, which shape our daily life, to name but a few:
ceramics, glass, fiberglass, construction chemicals, foundries, filler materials, paints, mortar, GRC, chemical industries, adhesives and many others life can’t do without.
Our Operations (Innovation team advanced technology)
ISIC is well equipped with a young team of engineers, technicians and specialized professionals geared with an experienced management that has an eye for development and growth. Our company commits itself to its clients through product innovation and enhancement, professional customer service and future developments and expansions.
The combination of human resources and the employment of the latest technology in the production process are the path ISIC adopts/ the operation includes mining the sand from the quarry, screening, drying, grinding and classifying. The system available insures accurate cut by air classification.

Board of directors

Mr. Kim Fouad Saad Abu Jaber (President of the Board of Directors)
Born in 1956, earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1980, Chairman of the companies Fouad Abu jaber & Sons, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the International Company for Industries silica and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of travertineand a member of the Board of Directors of Jordan International Insurance and a member of The Board of Directors of Jordan International and the Board of Directors of capital Bank.